Dr. Martin Seltman

15 Aug

Provider name

Dr. Martin Seltman

Practice name

Metro Family Practice

Practice location/contact info

1789 S. Braddock Ave. #410 Pittsburgh PA 15218 412-247-2310 http://www.metrofamilypractice.org/

What type of medicine does the provider practice?

Family Practice

Would you recommend the provider to others?


Why did you see this provider?

Provides hormones for trans-people

Was the provider affordable?

Yes. They have a sliding scale that is very affordable.

Please describe your experience with the provider named above:

Amazing doctor- very kind, respectful, and helpful.

Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff:

Queer-friendly, and usually very helpful and polite.

Please describe the accessibility of the practice for you:

A lot of buses run nearby, not sure about wheelchair accessibility. The hours can be a little hard to navigate.

Tell us if the provider or practice is especially good with a certain community, has special skills or services:

LGBTQ-friendly, provides low cost care and hormones


One Response to “Dr. Martin Seltman”

  1. cstrigiform May 15, 2015 at 4:19 pm #

    *IMPORTANT* METRO IS NO LONGER IN WILKINSBURG. They are now at edgewood town center which is very difficult to get to if you don’t drive and aren’t in an immediately neighboring neighborhood. That is the main flaw of their facility. It is hard to get to without a car.

    That being said…

    I second the recommendation of Seltman. I’m queer and trans but my main issues are a slew of mental and physical health diagnoses. On the trans stuff, I’m atypical in my identity and Seltman didn’t question me or interrogate me before he gave me hormones (which I was already on anyways). I didn’t have to prove anything.

    I use him far more forphysical health concerns. Seltman is versed in both mainstream western medicine and natural medicine. He respects the importance of wholistic approaches and takes things seriously when you have issues. He has a lot of connections and when you need referrals to specialists, he can offer you ones that are queer friendly or prepare you if not.

    He puts in a lot of effort for a lot of people so he sometimes ends up rushed. But he’s the best family medicine doctor I’ve ever had. His partner, Janet Seltman, does energy work and movement therapy and is also really great.

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