Dr. Sherwood M. Chetlin

2 Aug

Provider name Dr. Sherwood M. Chetlin
Address 3500 Fifth Ave #404 Pittsburgh, PA, United States 15212

What type of medicine does the provider practice?


Would you recommend the provider to others?

Yes, with proper preparation to deal with his personality beforehand

Why did you see this provider?

Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Costochondritis, Fibromyalgia, Disability

Was the provider affordable?

I have medicaid so I don’t pay anything. Probably less affordable with insurance with a large deductible or one that does not cover UPMC.

Please describe your experience with the provider:

What can I say about this guy? I am glad I read the reviews about him before going to see him. He does, indeed, give you a long monologue, yell, touch you in odd ways (like tapping my face while talking to me), and insults other doctors- likely including your referring doctor. I was luckily prepared for this from reading the other reviews and if I had not been I would have really struggled.
So, he’s kinda narcissistic and loud and rehearsed. Oddly, I am inclined to rate him positively anyways.
Despite this bedside manner (that I normally would not do well with) he spent a very long time with me in my appointment. I had spent lots of time with all kinds of doctors offering steroid injections and sometimes telling me it “wasn’t that bad” (I’m in my early 30s and have had chronic pain and arthritis since my teens). He was extremely validating about my decisions and was validating when I discussed other doctors making me do things I did not want to. He was able to see osteoarthritis, fibro, mental health, and sleep issues (and unlikelihood of inflammatory arthritis) just by looking at me and read my file completely and well before coming into the office. He did extensive tests anyways and took his time before changing my medications. He also explained that living life to the fullest rather than trying to “fix” myself was important as well as mental health care (and not in a dismissive way- in an integrated way). He saw my suffering as real. I wish he wouldn’t have sh*t-talked my PCP though, that’s my main gripe since they’re on the same page medically and integration-wise.
So, I recommend him for chronic pain and any rheumatological issues. BE PREPARED for him to yell, preach, be brutally honest, and take up lots of space. You may find it to be worth it after that.

Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff:

The staff were all nice, the woman who initially took me back into the room was not exactly warm or kind but she wasn’t mean either

Please describe the accessibility of the practice for you:

I had to park in a parking garage up the street and walk down a steep hill which is difficult for me. It is accessible by a variety of buses in Oakland. The building had elevators but the front door was not assisted opening. I don’t use a wheelchair but remember it being tough to open.

Especially good with certain a certain community, special skills, or services:

When I told him I was trans he DID ask what pronouns I wanted, but then he said something rude like “If you want male pronouns, why not change your name?” That was one of his bigger faults. But, he at least seemed to know queer people in his real life. He’s all around not polite. So again, be prepared. He was not hateful or directly discriminatory, he just didn’t do the lingo right.

Information about this provider’s identities:

White cis (I assume) straight married male near retirement age in a practice with all men of the same demographics. I was scared going in there but he was no more jacked than any other straight provider. And he didn’t cringe or shut down when I said I was trans.


One Response to “Dr. Sherwood M. Chetlin”

  1. Patient of this Doc September 11, 2015 at 11:09 am #

    I submitted this review and after my last visit I regret reviewing him so positively. I thought I could handle him, but this time I left feeling horrible. The insults to other care providers (about things he doesn’t seem to know are true or not), myself, my history, and the inability to get a word in edgewise while being preached at for a long time about how no one cares or believes in what’s going on with me even though he does was very very difficult. It felt like an emotionally abusive relationship. He then commented on the appearance of the staff as he walked out the door calling her a “very pretty lady” which made me uncomfortable. I really want to like him because I think he’s really smart in some ways, I appreciate the amount of time he spent with me, and I share his disdain for western medicine and pharmaceutical industries, but I felt insulted after this visit. He contributed to my already existing trauma with care providers (which, when he blamed me for “not doing a good job” with my care, he doesn’t seem to understand that or how hard I’ve worked). I am not sure writing this means anything because he’s retiring in June 2016. But, what do I have to lose? I only see him one more time and he says no other rheumatologist will care about me.

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