Judith Gusky, LPC

1 Feb

Provider name: Judith Gusky
Practice name: Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health
Address, Pittsburgh, PA zip: 160 N Craig Street, Pittsburgh,Pa, 15213
Phone: 412 687-1234

What type of medicine does the provider practice?

Therapist, craniosacral, reiki, hypnotherapy, massage, workplace wellness programs, light therapy.

Would you recommend the provider to others?

Id definitely recommend this group to everyone! I actually stumbled on this place by accident. I was looking up articles on Seasonal Affective disorder and saw this therapist had done seminars in the Pittsburgh area on the subject.

I called to see if I could get into a session and they already had them. But as I spoke to Judith Gusky on the phone, I ended up making an appointment with her for some grief counseling. THIS changed my life I am happy to say!

I no longer walk around with a deep sadness like I have been kicked in the stomach, my nightmares are gone, my PTSD has been addressed and completely managed, the rage that seemed to be bubbling under the surface all the time is GONE and the crying spells only come when im hormonal now, lol (truth) and not everyday, for years.

Judith taught me tools to cope and heal from severe child abuse I never thought id ever recover from. (The underlying rage and sadness.) Id been stuffing things down for years and was truly a mess.

I’m writing this review because this woman changed my life. Someone out there is going through what I did and I promise you, I healed mind, body, and spirit by like 90%- and I wish id found this place fifteen years ago ill tell you that.

I’ve been to other therapists, thats the thing. I found one WAY too judgmental, another quite rude, one had a office that smelled severely like cologne I had to puke every time I left, another actually told me NOT to talk about my past. What? Severe childhood trauma needs to be addressed doncha think?

Anyway, Judith was so compassionate, patient, flexible, NON judgmental, educated. informed, and knew how fragile I was… I wanted to cry the first time that I realized, I’m really going to heal. Thank you for helping me get my life back. Thank you.

Why did you see this provider?

PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Grief

Was the provider affordable?

I was uninsured at the time but she was flexible with pricing.

Please describe your experience with the provider:

I have found my peace. My heart is not aching anymore. Period. And I found a new career along the way 🙂

Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff:

Very friendly, always willing to help meet your needs. They know everyone is different. Diff needs, schedules, goals on healing.

What can you share about this provider’s identities and/or the practice’s affiliations that may be important to their clients?

I’ve seen everyone there from married couples to single moms…I know there are a lot of things available there but Judith is very very concerned about maintaining our privacy needs so we don’t often run into other clients quite frankly unless there’s a seminar or class.

Especially good with certain a certain community, special skills, or services?

Sexual abuse survivor, PTSD, Addiction, grief



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