Metro Family Practice/Dr. Katherine Homrok

12 Dec

Dr. Katherine Homrok

Metro Family Practice

Braddock Ave.

Next to Edgewood Town Center


What type of medicine does the provider practice?        

Family Practice.

Would you recommend this provider to others?              


When was your last visit with the provider          

0-5 months ago.

Why did/do you see this provider?         

 Primary care.

What was/is your experience making an appointment with this provider?           

It may take a few days to get an appointment after the initial one (which may take longer).

Was/is the provider affordable?              

They accepted my insurances – I had Highmark before… UPMC now.

Please describe your experience with the provider.       

I feel listened to at appointments.  I appreciate that Dr. Homrok has sent me to other good doctors if she does not know the answers.

I felt like my questions and concerns were listened to and addressed as thoroughly as possible.

 Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff (if applicable).            

The method of entry and support is sometimes confusing (color teams for doctors, but not always used). The staff is no different that other support staff I have encountered.  Good days and bad days depending on how busy it is.  (I used to work in a medical office, so I am not too hard on staff for bad days – the job is tough).

What identities do you have?    

White, 40-year old, employed, queer woman.

What can you share about this provider’s identities and/or the practice’s affiliations that may be important to their clients?               

LGBTQ-friendly is all I have seen/heard.

What did you observe or experience about the accessibility of the practice?       

It is close to the busway. Wheelchair accessible. Plenty of free parking. Gender-neutral bathroom.


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