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Darrell Philips, LCSW, MBA

12 Dec

Darrell Phillips, LCSW, MBA         

Psychological & Counseling Center, Inc.,

1824 Murray Avenue, Suite 304

Pittsburgh, PA 15217



What type of medicine does the provider practice?        


Would you recommend this provider to others?              

 Yes! Yes! Darrell is a wonderful therapist. He is empathetic, transparent, good at setting and respecting boundaries, LGBTQQIA-aware (he identifies as a gay male, himself), as well as sensitive to issues of social justice. He also is knowledgeable about and practices multiple psychotherapeutic modalities, from psychodynamic psychotherapy to cognitive-behavioral therapy, etc., so he can tailor his methods to the changing needs of his client. I have experienced this in my sessions with him. He also informs the client of what method he’s using and what diagnosis he’s treating, and empowers them to learn from him as well as choose the focus of the sessions.

When did you last see this provider?

0-5 months ago.

What was/is your experience making an appointment with this provider?           

It is very easy to make appointments with Darrell. He responds promptly and has a lot of availability–including evenings.

Was/is the provider affordable?              

Yes. He accepts my insurance, which is UPMC, and does not charge a co-pay. I’m not sure what other insurance he accepts. There was a period when I was insecure about whether I’d have health insurance, and he told me not to worry about it financially, and that my continued care was the most important thing, so I assume he would be open to a sliding scale rate or a payment plan, but I’m not sure.

Please describe your experience with the provider.       

My experience with this provider has been extremely positive. I have always felt respected, comfortable, and validated with Darrell. I am a white cis woman in my late 20s whose sexual orientation is fluid. Darrell has been great at identifying and navigating the intersections and disparities between the different aspects of our respective identities, and using these qualities as productive therapeutic tools. I feel comfortable asking any question that arises, as well.

What identities do you have?    

White, fluid sexual orientation, late 20s, tall and slim, cis woman, female, able-bodied, middle-class.

What can you share about this provider’s identities and/or the practice’s affiliations that may be important to their clients?               

LGBTQ-friendly, experienced working with trauma/sexual assault survivors, trained in social work and is socially-conscious (regarding race, class, etc.) Darrell is a black gay cis man in his late 40s and is very open with me about his own struggles as well as privilege resulting from these identities.

What did you observe or experience about the accessibility of the practice?       

Darrell’s office is wheelchair accessible via elevator. I believe there’s braille on the elevator signage. I don’t know about parking–I take the bus and the office is in Squirrel Hill. The office is very accessible via public transportation. He has another office in Oakland which is also accessible via public transportation. I believe it is wheelchair accessible. Neither office building has gender-neutral restrooms, though. I’m not sure about interpreters. It seems that all signage is in English only, as well.