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Frances Southwick/East End Community Health

5 Sep

Frances Southwick         

East End Community Health Center       

117 N Negley Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

(412) 404-4000

(in East Liberty/Garfield, right at the corner of Penn & Negley)


What type of medicine does the provider practice?

Family Practice (Osteopath).

Would you recommend the provider to others?

Yes. She is very thorough and gentle and open-minded

What can you share about this provider’s identities and/or the practice’s affiliations that may be important to their clients?

She is a lesbian. And she’s also a writer. She wrote a book called “Prognosis: Poor,” a  memoir that addresses the medical training process in the U.S. (I haven’t read it!)

Why did you see this provider?

General health.

Was the provider affordable?

I have UPMC insurance, but I’m pretty sure they take everything. They are a community health center which means they focus on low-income folks.

What was your experience making an appointment with this provider?

The front desk staff are friendly and  appointments are usually available in the next week or two..

Please describe your experience with this provider:

I am a transman and she was very comfortable and knowledgeable about trans issues and didn’t make a big deal about it when that wasn’t why I was seeing her.

She was very helpful with finding me referrals to other providers who would be sensitive to gender stuff.

Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff:

They’ve always been great.

What identities do you have?

Gender queer, queer, white.

Especially good with certain a certain community, special skills, or services?

This particular dr is lgbtq friendly. I spotted at least one staff member who was family. Not sure about other drs or staff.

When was your last visit with this provider?

6-12 months ago