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UPMC Gastroenterology/Dr. Savreet Sarkaria

12 Dec

UMPC- Gastroenterology           

Dr. Savreet Sarkaria

Shadyside Medical Building

5200 Centre Ave.

Suite 409

Pittsburgh, PA 15232

(412) 623-3105


What type of medicine does the provider practice?        


Would you recommend this provider to others?              


When was your last visit with the provider          

0-5 months ago.

Why did/do you see this provider?         

 Chrone’s screening.

What was/is your experience making an appointment with this provider?           

It took two months to get in.

Was/is the provider affordable?              

They took my insurance.

Please describe your experience with the provider.       

She was open minded. She asked lots of questions and shared information freely. She was really open to my thoughts and experiences.

 Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff (if applicable).            

They were all great.

What identities do you have?    

White, cis, woman, english speaking.

What can you share about this provider’s identities and/or the practice’s affiliations that may be important to their clients?               

Talks openly about being Indian American and a woman.