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UPMC Presbyterian Radiology

5 Dec

UPMC Presbyterian Radiology Department        

Multiple Providers

UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Oakland.

Radiology department is near the main entrance and up an escalator/elevator.

What type of medicine does the provider practice?


Would you recommend the provider to others?

Yes, with a few comments- see below.

What can you share about this provider’s identities and/or the practice’s affiliations that may be important to their clients?

I read most as white except front desk woman who was Black and second physician I saw who was Asian. About even number of men and women. Variety of age ranges. That was the most I could gather.

Why did you see this provider?

Treatment and full body scans for radioiodine uptake for thyroid cancer.

What was your experience making an appointment with this provider?

My endocrinology nurse at Falk clinic got my availability and made the appointments for me since it was a 5 day ordeal and they do that for everyone.

Was the provider affordable?

UPMC so depends on your insurance unfortunately. (Note from PHB: you may be able to apply for UPMC financial assistance.)

Please describe your experience with the provider:

They were extremely thorough in explaining the procedures, precautions, and methodology and answered all my questions. It was nice to have things repeated because I have a bad memory.

There was some switching between providers of how they addressed my gender. I choose not to talk about being trans unless I have to because providers generally mess things up no matter what. So I was gendered male and (more often) female and no one checked in. This is 100% business as usual and not unique to this facility. Pretty much everywhere I go doesn’t notice all of the things in my chart. If misgendering is very stressful for someone, I can’t say good or bad how this facility would respond to corrections. If any of them disliked me for being queer looking, I didn’t notice.

My main gripe about this department was repeated statements of “”we don’t care about animals here. This is a human hospital.”” When I asked repeatedly how to protect the animals that live with me. Some folks did give me an answer but it was somewhat dusmissive even though they were wonderful and thorough with my personal needs. (Radioactive iodine requires isolation of all bodily fluids and contact within 6 feet for 5 days). I told them this in my review that I do not think it is too much to ask for a radiology department to read some of the veterinary literature out there about animals treated with radioactive iodine (which mammals are at least.) I read some and I’m sure they would be better equipped to understand it than I am. ”

Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff:

The waiting room has a fish tank and a bunch of loud TVs but the woman who was at the front desk all days was awesome. The nurses, techs, physicians, residents, and physicist were all very kind to me and answered all of my questions.

What identities do you have?

Transmasculine but non-passing much of the time esp in medical situations, butch, queer, (mostly invisibly) disabled, poor, chubby (“obese” according to my bmi and medical charts), white person.

Please describe the accessibility of the practice for you:

This hospital has valet parking otherwise parking in the garage involves a block or so walk with part of a hill. Parking is 5 dollars with validation. People who take a bus would have to walk up a steep hill from 5th ave or I think there is a shuttle in front of Falk clinic (on 5th across from a bus stop) that regularly drives people up the hill.

The inside of the hospital was fairly physically accessible. Most things were automated except I believe the bathroom doors had to be pulled/pushed open. The halls are wide but crowded. There are escalators and elevators.

There was a coffee/snack area right outside the radiology waiting room and bottled water available in the waiting room. Waiting room was loud with lots of TVs. Bathrooms were close to the waiting room and the scanner and radiation medication rooms. Hallway bathrooms were gendered and multi stall, inside the facility- all gender and single stall.

Especially good with certain a certain community, special skills, or services?

I think these folks are average and not specialized with any group. Proceed with caution.

When was your last visit with this provider?

0-5 months ago

Additional Information:

Full body scan requires laying still for 45+ minutes. Room is dark and has TV projecting a sky view on the ceiling.