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Dr Marni Greenwald

18 May

Dr. Marni Greenwald
Student Health Services at University of Pittsburgh
3708 Forbes Avenue (Medical Arts Building) Pittsburgh, PA 15213

What type of medicine does provider practice?

Would you recommend this provider to others?

Why did you see this provider?

Was the provider affordable?
this is a service i pay for with my tuition so it is very affordable for students regardless of insurance (around $65 a semester for as many visits as you want i believe), but not available for people who are not students at Pitt.

Please describe your experience with the provider:
Dr. Greenwald was very knowledgeable about what was going on with me and also very reassuring. she was comforting and listened to what i needed to share. she was gave me her business card and told me i could contact her anytime if i had any more needs – something that i haven’t had happen before at the student health clinic (though everyone has always been very sweet and helpful). this was very good for me since i tend to worry…

Please describe your experience with the support staff:
the nurse who checked me in was also kind. there was no receptionist interaction since i used a card to swipe myself in.

Please describe how accessible the practice was for you:
for me, it was great. on public transit lines and there is bike parking. the restrooms in the hall are gendered and i think the ones inside the clinic are, too. bummer. plus, i’m not sure how accessible it is for people in wheelchairs. i think there is enough space to move around but i feel pretty confident the tables are not easily or at all accessed by people with more severe impairments.

Is this provider especially good with certain populations?

Additional Information:
overall, it was a very pleasant, reassuring experience.