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Dr. Verri/Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center

14 Jan

Dr. Verri              

Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center       

Phone: (412) 444-4455

2121 Noblestown Road

Suite 115, Noblestown Plaza

Pittsburgh, PA 15205


What type of medicine does the provider practice?

Chiropractic, Physical Therapy.

Would you recommend the provider to others?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend this provider.

When was your last visit with this provider?

0-5 months ago.

Why did you see this provider?

Chronic back/neck pain.

What was your experience making an appointment with this provider?

Scheduling is easy and they are great about rescheduling, as I can’t always make it when I originally schedule for (I do not own a car and have to arrange rides).

Was the provider affordable?

I have UPMC and they do take it. My copay varies, depending on what I need done (chiropractic, physical therapy, etc. among their offerings) but they have always been very flexible and have been able to set up a payment plan with me. Dr. Verri always says he wants to treat people first and foremost, so he will do anything to help make it affordable.

Please describe your experience with the provider:

I always feel respected and comfortable there. They are very open and accommodating to as many people as possible.

Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff:

Everyone has always been very kind and helpful. I continue to inconvenience myself (I could find a closer provider) to go there because they make me feel welcome and cared for.

What identities do you have?

Myself  I am a cis straight woman, 29, a little overweight. I am able-bodied and lower-middle class.

What can you share about this provider’s identities and/or the practice’s affiliations that may be important to their clients?

Most of the staff are white. As far as other identities, I cannot speak to that.

Please describe the accessibility of the practice for you:

There is free parking right in front of the building reserved for their patients. The doors are not automatic, but there is a ramp down from the front doors. The women’s bathroom does have two steps up to get to the toilet area. There is a bus stop on Noblestown Road. There is no braille that I’ve noticed.

Especially good with certain a certain community, special skills, or services?

They work with people with physical disabilities consistently. Most of the staff are white. As far as other identities, I cannot speak to that.