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Leah Helou//UPMC Mercy Voice Center

5 Apr

Leah Helou
UPMC Mercy Voice Center
UPMC Mercy Hospital Building D, Suite 2100
1400 Locust Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-232-3687
Fax: 412-232-8488


What type of medicine does the provider practice?        

Voice and Respiratory Therapy 

Would you recommend this provider to others?


 When was your last visit with the provider          

0-5 months ago

Why did/do you see this provider?         

Voice and breathing issues stemming from nerve paralysis after thyroidectomy, but also other voice issues 

What was/is your experience making an appointment with this provider?           

I see two other doctors at this place so I usually make the appointments with the front desk or online at the myupmc.com portal

Was/is the provider affordable?              

UPMC type of Medicaid covers unlimited sessions, not sure about other insurances, I assume OOP is expensive but UPMC does have financial aid

Please describe your experience with the provider.       

Leah is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Vocal and respiratory coaching is really intimate and she is good at helping me feel at ease. She also is the founder of the UPMC transgender voice training program so- even though I was not seeking transgender vocal coaching- it was nice to have a provider I was more likely to be safe with as a trans person. She is good at tailoring things to work for you and good at understanding relationships between (what some cultures separate into) mind and body.  

 Please describe your experience with the provider’s support staff (if applicable).            

Front desk at this place is always really nice and helpful towards me.

What identities do you have?    

Transgender, transmasculine, queer, white, (somewhat invisibly) disabled, medium to chubby in size, goth/punk looking, mid 30s, poverty line disability income

Tell us if the provider or practice is especially good with a certain community, has special skills or services.           

trans and queer people

What can you share about this provider’s identities and/or the practice’s affiliations that may be important to their clients?               

I think she is a white cisgender woman but I don’t know anything else about her. She seems to have lefty politics based on who she’s into creating spaces for.

What did you observe or experience about the accessibility of the practice?       

Mercy hospital has a garage that is free for the first 2 hours and paid after that. There are usually handicapped spots open on at least one of the levels (usually more). There is a walkway to the hospital on level D of the garage that I prefer because it is close to elevators. It has automated doors. The Voice center is right across from the purple elevator once you take it up to the 2nd floor. Many doors are automated but the door to the voice center itself is not I do not think. There are two single stall gender neutral restrooms in the waiting room. There is braille on some signage in the hospital. Mercy is about a block up from forbes and 5th where many buses run. There are always wheelchairs near the walkway from the garage and I assume it is ok to grab one and use one when needed. There is also a staff person at a desk when you first come in from the walkway if you have questions.